Our well-equipped campus is located along the Wien River in the heart of Vienna in a very beautiful and expansive area called Hütteldorf. Nowadays Hütterldorf is called "The green oasis of VIenna", a true paradise for young people to enjoy and appreciate within the large city. There are plenty sights to visit and excellent transportation links to the other areas and the centre of Vienna. The Study Academy Vienna campus is unique within Europe as it is situated in the picturesque Miller-Aichholz Palace, which allows students to study in breathtaking baroque study rooms with oil paintings and splendid 17th century furniture.

The campus area is completely nature protected, filled with different gardens and paths that provide an enjoyable and friendly environment for the students to relax in. It also has a large park with a beautiful winter garden and a football playground. With each of the well-equipped campus rooms and first-class technical facilities, such as internet connection, there is no doubt that the student's needs will all be met and the accommodations will be more than suitable. The campus itself is unique as it combines well-equipped seminar rooms and en-suite sleeping accommodations. Excursions after lessons as well as sport activities will be followed by leisure time in the evening for the students to relax or venture out into the beautiful Viennese city centre.

Food on Campus: Students will be provided with a half board, which includes breakfast, lunch, plenty of snacks and drinks throughout the day. Dinner is not included. Food offered will be of nutritional value, with a plethora of fresh fruit, vegetables and whole meal dishes to allow students to maintain a healthy lifestyle alongside their studies. Dishes for those with special dietary requirements are freely available in our unique catering services. The local supermarkets and farmers market will also be open for the students to practice their German when buying any other food if they desire.

For any further information, contact us at office@studyacademyvienna.com or call us at +43-(0) 69910522958 and we will happily answer any queries.