The IB Years are going to be tough, and students have to work hard to achieve the excellent scores they are hoping for. If they require some help with preparation and want to feel more confident when sitting their exams, they are welcome to the Study Academy Vienna! We offer IB Preparation Courses in Spring and Summer

Our IB Preparation Courses are tailored for students taking, or planning to take, the International Baccalaureate and who wish to consolidate & improve their understanding and knowledge in their chosen Diploma subjects.

The course is intensive, academically challenging and will prepare students to reach their maximum potential. Our demanding work environment will also ensure students to be ready for studies at university after their completion of the IB Diploma Program. By using the official IB criteria to assess student's work alongside written and oral language practice, our courses will fully equip students with the skills to achieve highly in their Diploma exams.

The astonishing experience and professionalism of our highly selected IB teachers will guarantee that students work hard during the course and leave them feeling confident about their future studies.

Our IB Prep Courses aim to provide the highest educational support and quality for the IB students, to build up their confidence in their studies and to create a fulfilling working environment, in which everyone is treated with care, respect and integrity.

Throughout the year we also offer the opportunity for individual students to apply for one on one tutoring for any length of time and studying any subjects they wish. They will be provided with meals, tutors and accommodation if needed. For more information, please contact us via email at